Thriving through Healing


Becoming your best Self

I believe that we are all are so close to being the person we want to be, but all too often, it can feel like living the life of our dreams is out of reach. We have too much baggage, too many struggles, too many obligations, and a lifetime of negative beliefs about ourselves to get where we want to be. Therapy can be an amazing path to unpack why you are feeling stuck or discouraged and to provide a new path to healing and moving beyond those boulders blocking your dreams to living a full and healthy life. 

Overcoming Anxiety

So many of us are living with symptoms of anxiety that are preventing us from living the life we dream of. If your constant worries and fears have become paralyzing, it can be hard to have the motivation to change the things in your life that aren't serving you well. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a proven method of working through the symptoms of anxiety by understanding the root causes of anxiety. When treating my clients who are suffering from anxiety, whether it's social anxiety disorder, a phobia, or a generalized anxiety disorder, we practice being mindful with these anxious thoughts, examining where they come from, and if they are really true all the time. 

Healing through Mindfulness and Self Compassion

I’m passionate about my clients learning how to see themselves through a lens of self compassion and love. Using a strengths based perspective, my goal is to help clients understand and celebrate who they are and employ those strengths in their present circumstances.

I truly believe that when you know who you are and how to use the tools you've learned along the way, you can transform your own life by challenging patterns that no longer serve you.  Healing from painful experiences and negative beliefs is a real possibility for you, and I would love to walk with you through that discovery.